Testing for lead in soil

Learn how you can take and submit a soil sample for lead testing.

Testing for lead in soil

The soil in Minneapolis has some lead contamination due to the use of leaded gasoline before 1979.

  • The soil right next to your house's foundation is most likely to be contaminated.
  • This is due to lead paint falling or being scraped off the house.

You can send us a soil sample and we'll test it for lead. 

Here's what you need to do.

  • Walk around your property and look for bare soil along your foundation, in your yard and in your garden.
  • Label a clean sealable bag for each location.
  • Scoop five tablespoons from the top one-half inch of bare soil at each location into the bag.
  • Send it to the attention of Alex Vollmer at the Minneapolis Health Department.

We'll send you the results within two weeks.

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