Rates and fees

You can see the current rates and fees for all utilities.

Water and sewer


We charge you for each unit of water and sewer you use. One unit is 100 cubic feet, or about 748 gallons.

For residential properties only, sewer usage fees vary by month

  Per unit rate Outside City1 Water tax 2  Testing fee 3  
Water $3.76 $3.91 9.025% $0.81
Sewer $5.36 $40.46    
  1. Rate for non-Minneapolis based customers.
  2. We do not charge residential properties for sales taxes. Commercial properties pay a combined sales tax for state, county, city, transit, Twins, metro transportation and metro housing.
  3. Minnesota law requires the MN Department of Health to collect $9.72 annually from every service connection as a safe drinking water fee.

See how to read your water meter

See where your water and sewer dollars go

See Minnesota Statutes section 144.3831

See three-year rate history

Residential sewer usage

For residential properties with three or fewer dwelling units only

The way we assess your usage depends on the time of year.

  • December - March: Your bill reflects actual water consumption.
  • April - November: Your bill reflects average winter consumption (AWC).
    • We look at your water use from December to March and figure out your monthly average.
    • If that average is four units, we charge you for four units of water each month from April through November.
    • If you use less than the average number of units in any of these months, we only charge you for what you used.
    • Residential properties with zero usage during the four-month period will be established based on the average usage of the property classification. 

The reason for AWC is to avoid charging you sewer fees for water that is not treated by the sewer system. Examples: watering your lawn, washing your car.

Commercial sewer usage

Commercial fees apply to

  • Business properties
  • Residential properties with more than three dwelling units
  • Year round: Your bill reflects actual water consumption 



  • We charge all residential and commercial customers a monthly fixed fee for water and sewer based on meter size.
  • This fee is for general support of the City's water and sewer system
2024 fixed fees
Water Sewer
5/8" $9.00 $8.30
3/4" $13.50 $12.45
1" $22.50 $20.75
1-1/2" $45.00 $41.50
2" $72.00 $66.40
3" $144.00 $132.80
4" $225.00 $207.50
6" $450.00 $415.00
8" $720.00 $664.00
10" $1,035.00 $954.50
12" $2,970.00 $2,739.00

See three year rate history

Other water service charges

Service/Item Charge
Turn-off charge $80
Turn-on charge $80
Missed appointment $80
Bounced check or nonsufficient fund (NSF) fee $30

Solid waste and recycling


2024 Solid Waste & Recycling - Base fees
Solid waste base fee Small cart Large cart Additional large cart
$30.01 per unit $2 $5 $5

The State and County require the City to collect a tax on solid waste services. A total of $17.11 of the base fee is taxable. 

We may charge additional Solid Waste & Recycling fees for extra garbage or services. There is no charge for recycling or organics recycling carts.

Learn more about State Solid Waste management taxes

Learn more about Hennepin County Solid Waste management fees

See three year rate history


Service CircumstancesAmount
Cart return

We may remove a cart because:

  • You are not participating in our recycling or organics recycling program
  • You are consistently placing non-recyclable or non-compostable items in your cart

You can request the cart be returned.

$15 before three months

Free after three months

Change to cart size You want to change the size of your cart within six months of making a change. 

$15 within six months of getting the original cart

Free after six months

Extra garbage cart If your cart is consistently overflowing, we will deliver an additional cart $5 per month
Extra cart removal If you want to return the additional garbage, recycling or organics cart we assigned you $15 within six months of delivery
Cart at curb after 7 a.m.

If you do not remove your carts from the curb by 7 a.m. the day after collection

See City Ordinance 225.680

$12 per cart
Dirty collection area If you do not keep your collection area clean, we will clean it for you and charge a fee based on how many times we clean it each year.

Clean-up 1– $181/hour or $100 minimum, whichever is greater

Clean-up 2– $200 minimum charge

Clean-up 3 – $300 minimum charge

Clean-up 4 or more – $400 minimum charge

Visible street address numbers

If collection crews cannot see your street address, we will install easily visible numbers.

See City Ordinance 225.620

$18 for numbers and installation
Clearing snow around your carts

You are responsible for clearing snow from the area around your carts.

See City Ordinance 225.680

$30 per cart
Combining cleanup and/or tire vouchers This cannot be paid at the South Transfer Station. It will be added to your utility bill. 

$15 per voucher being combined


Exceeding the voucher weight  See Drop off Items & Fees Excess weight fee + $10 processing fee
Exceeding the tire or large item limit per voucher See Drop-off Items & Fees  Excess per piece fee + $10 processing fee
Pay per use garbage drop off pass See Drop-off Items & Fees Disposal cost + $15 administrative fee





The stormwater utility fee pays for the City's stormwater system and annual maintenance costs. The stormwater system moves storm runoff from rain or snowmelt and helps prevent flooding.

2024 stormwater fees
Single family (low) Single family (average) Single family (high)
$11.28 $15.04 $18.80

$0.42 of the total $15.04 ESU is allocated to the Minneapolis Park Board

The stormwater utility fee is based on the impervious area on your property.

Read about impervious surface areas


The stormwater utility fee pays for the City's stormwater system and annual maintenance costs. The stormwater system moves storm runoff from rain or snowmelt and helps prevent flooding.

We calculate your fee by:

  • Determining how many square feet of impervious surface area is on your property 
  • Dividing that number by 1,530 to get the number of equivalent stormwater units (ESUs) on your property
  • Multiplying the number of ESUs by our annual rate of $15.04
  • $0.42 of the total $15.04 ESU is allocated to the Minneapolis Park Board

Read about impervious surface areas 

See where your water and sewer dollars go

Our graphic shows you how we use each penny you spend on sewer and water service.

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