Animal complaints and issues

Here is how you can report animal-related concerns.

Barking dog

Contact 311

Noise from barking dogs or other pets can be a nuisance. Sometimes it's against the law. You can report barking dogs to 311, but only if the barking has not been provoked. City employees cannot report dog barking or other animal noise violations.

You must provide the information below. We will keep it private, but it can be released by a court order:

  • Your name and address*
  • The exact address of the barking dog, including the unit number if it's a multi-unit building
  • Date(s) and time(s) of the barking

*Caller information is governed by the Minnesota Data Practices statute.

We'll respond by sending an Animal Control Officer.

  • The officer will attempt to verify a violation.
  • If it is determined the animal is disturbing the peace, a $200 citation may be issued.
  • Repeat violations may result in increased fines, up to $2,000.

Animal bites and rabies exposure

Contact 311


Please report animals who bite, are aggressive or seem dangerous. 

Report an animal issue


Any animal that bites a person is required to be quarantined for 10 days for rabies observation, even if its rabies vaccination is current.

  • If we decide the animal has to be quarantined in the shelter, the owner is responsible for paying all fees.
  • Animals quarantined in our shelter stay in a restricted area. This keeps the animal, the public, our staff and other animals safe. Owners may bring them blankets or toys.

Rabies is a deadly virus that lives in the saliva of mammals and attacks the nervous system. Pets, livestock, wildlife and people are all at risk. To protect your pet and yourself from rabies:

  • Get your pet vaccinated
  • Avoid contact with all wild animals and aggressive strays.

Vaccinate your pet

If your pet is attacked, immediately contact your veterinarian and contact us.

Animal crimes

Call 911

Report any signs of animal fighting

  • Animal fighting is a felony.
  • Watching an animal fight is a misdemeanor.
  • Do not watch a fight if it is happening, but report it to 911.

Watch for these signs of animal fighting

  • Multiple dogs kept in one location that are chained or appear aggressive
  • Dogs with:
    • an unusual number of wounds or scars on their head, face and front legs
    • heavy chains hanging from their necks
  • Dogs that are:
    • hanging by their jaws from heavy objects
    • pulling weights/chains
    • being aggressively exercised
  • Dogfighting equipment, for example:
    • treadmills
    • "break sticks" (used to pry apart the jaws of dogs)
    • "spring poles" (a large spring with rope that the dog jumps to grab and pull)
    • tires hanging from trees
  • Unusual foot traffic, both human and animal, coming and going at odd hours
  • Dead animals or strays with severe wounds and scarring in alleys

Pests and wildlife


We do not respond to pest complaints such as mice, squirrels or birds in a home, raccoons in rafters or wildlife in abandoned houses. Call a pest control company to remove these animals.

Sick or injured wildlife

We respond to wildlife calls only if the animal is sick or injured. Examples include:

  • Raccoons and rabbits that have been hit by a car but are still alive
  • Birds that are unable to fly and appear ill or injured (we cannot respond to calls about waterfowl if the fowl have access to water and can still fly)
  • Bats when there is possible rabies exposure to humans or pets

These organizations are also good resources for wildlife and orphaned animals:

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