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The Target Market Program (TMP) offers contracts up to $175,000. You must be a local small business to apply.


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The Target Market Program (TMP) is a program for small businesses. It is race and gender-neutral.

If you enroll

  • We'll invite you to bid on certain events up to $175,000.
  • You won't have to compete with larger businesses.
  • You will have to compete with at least two other small businesses in your category.

Read the municipal code that explains the history and purpose of the Target Market Program

You can enroll if

Your business is:

  • For-profit and performs a commercially useful function
  • Located in the 13-county metropolitan area that includes Minneapolis
  • Independently owned and controlled, not a subsidiary of another business

Your gross sales and receipts, averaged over your three most recent fiscal years, do not exceed:

  • SBA size standards
  • The City's Target Market Program threshold for your industry

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Enroll online through eSupplier

You have to enroll in the Target Market Program in addition to being registered in eSupplier.

Download the Target Market Program Application Guide

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Paper enrollment

If you cannot enroll online, you can use our paper enrollment form.

Download the Target Market Program Enrollment Form


If we deny your application, you have the right to appeal.

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