How to get started

We explain how to set up a utility account in your name so you can get services.

Water and sewer

To start water and sewer service, you need:

  • A deed, closing disclosure or settlement agreement to show you own the property, or
  • A copy of your lease to prove you are renting the property
  • There is no charge to you, as long as the water has not been turned off.
  • If the water has been turned off, there is a $65 fee to turn it back on. 

You can complete the application for New Water Service form online or contact Customer Service.


Get details about water, sewer and utility permits

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Garbage and recycling

When you create an account for water and sewer services, you're automatically signed up for Minneapolis Solid Waste & Recycling services.

  • City ordinance requires Solid Waste & Recycling to collect from all residences with four or fewer units. 
  • If your carts say "Property of the City of Minneapolis," you have City collection service.
  • You cannot sign up for Minneapolis Solid Waste & Recycling services if you do not have a City water account.

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Stormwater management

Your account for water and sewer services will list a fee for stormwater management.

  • Our City's stormwater management system benefits all residents. 
  • Everyone is charged a monthly fee for stormwater management on their utility bill.
  • You cannot opt out.
  • You can earn credits to reduce your stormwater management fee.

Learn more about stormwater management and how you can earn credits to reduce your fee

Stop or transfer

All utility services

If you move, you must

  • Stop your water service, or
  • Transfer it to a new location in Minneapolis

When you do this, your sewer, garbage and recycling services will automatically transfer.

In both cases, we

  • Need to read your water meter before you move
  • May need to enter your property to read the meter

Schedule a water meter-reading appointment

If you transfer service and use online bill pay, be sure to update your utility account number.

Two ways to stop or transfer your water service

  • Call Customer Service
  • Do it online using your utility billing account
    • Go to Service Requests
    • Select Disconnect Service to stop your service
    • Select Transfer of Service to transfer your service

Contact Utility Billing customer service

Log in to your utility billing account (Premium Access)


Water service

If your water was turned off for nonpayment

  • You must pay the total balance due and contact Customer Service.
  • We'll restore water service within 24 hours after you pay the balance due and contact us.

If your water was turned off for another reason

  • Make an appointment with Customer Service.

Complete the form

  • You must complete a Water Release Form before we can turn your water back on if you will not be at the property.

Contact Customer Service

Fill out a Water Release Form

Contact us

Utility Billing Customer Service




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8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Monday – Friday

Closed on City Holidays

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Public Service Building
505 Fourth Ave. S., Skyway level
Minneapolis, MN 55415


8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

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