Clearing snow around carts

You must clear the snow around your garbage and recycling carts. This help crews access them.

Shovel out your carts

How to shovel around your recycling and garbage carts

When it snows, City crews still need to empty your garbage, recycling and organics recycling carts.

In order to empty your carts efficiently, we need you to:

  • Shovel a path at least 3 feet wide from all your carts to the alley or curb.
  • Clear through snow left by plows.
  • Make sure carts can be moved freely.  

It's best to clear your carts right after a snowfall ends, but make sure do so by the night before your collection day.

Heavy snowfall within 48 hours

If it snows heavily within 48 hours of your garbage collection day, you may have a hard time shoveling in time. Please be sure to shovel out your carts by the next collection day.

Do not shovel snow into the alley

This makes collection more difficult for our crews. It also makes the alley harder for you and your neighbors to drive down. Plus, it's against the law.

See City Ordinance 427.150

If you do not shovel out your carts

We may skip your collection

If the crew cannot wheel your carts to the truck, they may not empty them.

We may shovel out your carts, for a fee

If we have to shovel for you, we'll charge a fee for each cart.

We may do this if:

  • Your garbage, recycling or organics carts are stuck in snow and ice on your collection day, and
  • It hasn't snowed or stormed within 48 hours

See the cart shoveling fee

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