Tips for requesting data

We commit to fulfilling requests for data as quickly as possible. Use these tips to avoid delays in getting your request.

Search our website

The City publishes frequently requested and important data.  Some of this data can be found in the Minneapolis DataSource.

See the DataSource

If you are unsure which department may hold the data, try searching the City’s website.

Search the website

Find out if City maintains data

Our office can only provide data that the City receives and maintains. We cannot provide data from City’s outside of Minneapolis.  It is also unlikely that the City will have data regarding county, statewide, and federal programs unless the City is a partner in these programs. 

See data maintained by other agencies

Make sure your request is clear

If your request is vague or incomplete, we may have to contact you to clarify. This takes time and will impact how fast you get your request. 

When sending a request for data to the City, it is important to have as much information and detail as possible. If possible, include the following types of information in your request:

  • Date Range: Include a date range to help us narrow the search.
  • Owner: If you know, include the name of the department, division or individuals who maintain the data.
  • Keywords: Suggesting keywords or search terms will help us find the most relevant data possible.

Request summary data

Summary data is information that gives you a quick and simple description of the data. We remove private or confidential data, and provide statistics like totals or percentages.

We will prepare summary data if you make your request in writing and agree to pay for the cost of creating the data. We'll let you know what data we can provide, when the data will be ready, and how much it will cost.

The preparation of summary data is not a means to gain access to private or confidential data.

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