Dangerous animals

We investigate any animal that threatens public safety.
Dangerous dog snarling

Report a dangerous animal

If an animal bites, is aggressive or otherwise seems dangerous, make a report.

Dangerous animal declarations

We will assess if an animal is a threat to public safety if it:

  • Bites a person or another animal
  • Is aggressive to a person or another animal

Based on how severe the incident was, we may make a dangerous animal declaration in one of three levels:

  • Potentially-dangerous animal
  • Dangerous animal
  • Destruct order

Not all biting and aggression results in a dangerous animal declaration. In some cases, we'll issue a warning to the owner and keep it on file.

Owner responsibilities

If we declare your animal to be potentially-dangerous, you must follow these guidelines.

  • Muzzle and leash it when it is outside your home.
  • Keep it in a secure area when people other than family members are in your home.
  • Keep it in an approved kennel when outside.
  • Get your outdoor kennels or fences inspected and approved for use.
  • Do not :
    • Take it to off-leash dog parks.
    • Allow it to roam in your yard, even if it is fenced.

Your animal must be:

  • Spayed or neutered, and
  • Microchipped

 Every year, you you must:

  • Register your potentially dangerous animal with Animal Care & Control. 
  • Get a dangerous animal pet license.

Additional requirements

If you own a dangerous animal, you must also:

  • Have personal injury insurance coverage of at least $300,000.
  • Display these state-mandated warning signs.
    • A dangerous dog tag on the animal.
    • Dangerous animal signs in the front and back of your home.

Destruct order

A destruct order is issued only in the most serious cases, or when owners fail to follow requirements to protect the publicA destruct order results in the animal being humanely euthanized.
Beware of dog sign

Dangerous dogs map

See locations and images of dogs that have been declared dangerous by the City.

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