Vouchers for garbage drop-off

If you want to drop items off at the South Transfer Station, you must request a voucher or authorize someone else to use a voucher.

Request a voucher

If your name is on the utility bill for the property, you must request and receive a voucher before bringing items to the South Transfer Station.

Call us to request a voucher

Authorize someone else to use your voucher

You can authorize someone else to use your vouchers

  • Friend or family member
  • Contractor or garbage hauler who works for you
  • Property tax payer
  • A renter of the property
  • An employee, if the property is a business

If you're a business or management company

  • Both an employee's name and the company name will be on the voucher.
  • The employee listed on the Voucher Authorization Form must be the person who goes to the South Transfer Station.
  • The employee must show a valid state-issued ID and a current utility bill with the company's name.

We do not accept electronic signatures.

 Go to Voucher Authorization Form

Schedule when to use your voucher

Know before you go to the station

The South Transfer Station is open Tuesday to Saturday, but you have to request a voucher before you go. You cannot show up without one, and you cannot schedule a voucher on-site at the station.  

When you call to schedule a time, you'll be asked for:

  • The specific week (Tuesday to Friday) or specific Saturday you want to drop off your items
  • The name of the person who will be bringing the materials to the transfer station
  • Confirmation that the address on this person's ID matches the address on the voucher
  • The materials you plan to bring to the transfer station

Call us to request a voucher

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