Vouchers for garbage drop-off

If you want to drop items off at the South Transfer Station, you must request a voucher or authorize someone else to use a voucher.

Request a voucher

Know before you go to the station

The South Transfer Station is open Tuesday to Saturday, but you have to request a voucher before you go. You cannot show up without one, and you cannot schedule a voucher on-site at the station.  The voucher holder must remain on site throughout the process.

If you are the utility bill payer for the property, you must call us to request a voucher.

When you call to schedule a time, you'll be asked for:

  • The specific week (Tuesday to Friday) or specific Saturday you want to drop off your items
  • The name of the person who will be bringing the materials to the transfer station
  • Confirmation that the address on this person's ID matches the address on the voucher
  • The materials you plan to bring to the transfer station

Call us to request a voucher

Authorize someone else to use your voucher

You can authorize someone else to use your vouchers

  • Friend or family member
  • Contractor or garbage hauler who works for you
  • Property tax payer
  • A renter of the property
  • An employee, if the property is a business

If you're a business or management company

  • Both an employee's name and the company name will be on the voucher.
  • The employee listed on the Voucher Authorization Form must be the person who goes to the South Transfer Station.
  • The employee must show a valid state-issued ID and a current utility bill with the company's name.

We do not accept electronic signatures.

 Go to Voucher Authorization Form

Additional information

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You must call to request a voucher.


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