Organics drop-off sites

If your building doesn’t have organics recycling, you can compost your food scraps by bringing them to a drop-off site.

Getting started

  • Choose a convenient site from the list below, click on the sign-up link and enter your email address.
  • You'll receive an email by the next day with welcome instructions for your selected drop-off location. 
  • Start collecting your home organics in compostable paper or plastic bags. See accepted organics
  • Bring the bags to the organics drop-off site, unlock the cart and put your organics inside.
  • Relock the cart to prevent contamination.

Learn more about organics recycling

Learn more about organics recycling at an upcoming educational session. Sessions are open to anyone who wants to learn about organics recycling.

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Drop-off sites in Northeast

Drop-off locationAddressCart locationSign up link
Audubon Park 1320 29th Ave. NE Parking lot Audubon Park sign-up
North Loop: 7th Street Lot (sponsor: North Loop Neighborhood Association) 246 7th Ave N Behind Freehouse and Loose-Wiles Building, in southeast corner, near the electrical boxes. Entrance accessible from 7th Ave N. 7th Ave Parking Lot sign-up
North Loop: Colonial Warehouse (sponsor: North Loop Neighborhood Association) 212 3rd Ave N Behind MatinPatrick3 building, at bottom of driveway, accessible off Washington Ave Colonial Warehouse sign-up

Drop-off sites in Southeast

Drop-off location Address Cart location Sign up link
Holmes Park  414 3rd Ave SE Mid-block on 2nd Ave SE Holmes Park sign-up
Towerside Park 2909 4th St SE Near building Towerside Park sign-up
University Lutheran Church of Hope (sponsor: University Lutheran Church of Hope) 601 13th Ave SE Parking lot, south end University Lutheran Church of Hope sign-up
Van Cleve Park 901 15th Ave SE Parking lot Van Cleve Park sign-up

Drop-off sites in South

Drop-off locationAddressCart locationSign up link
Elliot Park 1000 14th St E Parking lot Elliot Park sign-up
Pearl Park 404 Diamond Lake Rd E Parking lot Pearl Park sign-up
South Transfer Station 2850 20th Ave S Outside of gates no signup needed
Stewart Park 2700 12th Ave S Parking lot Stewart park sign-up

Drop-off sites in Southwest

Drop-off locationAddressCart locationSign up link
Armatage Park 2500 W. 57th St. Parking lot Armatage Park drop-off
Bryant Square Park 3101 Bryant Ave. S Parking lot Bryant Square drop-off
Loring Park   Yale Place & Willow Street cul-de-sac Loring Park drop-off
Martin Luther King Jr. Park 4055 Nicollet Ave S Parking lot MLK Park drop-off
Wedge Community Co-op (sponsor: Lowry Hill East Neighborhood) 2105 Lyndale Ave S South parking lot Wedge Co-op drop-off
Wedge Table (sponsor: Whittier Alliance) 2412 Nicollet Ave S Parking lot near the alley Wedge Table drop-off
Zion Lutheran Church (sponsor: Lyndale Neighborhood Association) 128 33rd St W Parking lot Zion Church drop-off

Drop-off sites in North

Drop-off locationAddressCart locationSign up link
Folwell Park 1615 Dowling Ave. N Parking lot Folwell Park sign-up
North Commons Park 1801 James Ave N Parking lot North Commons sign-up

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