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solar panels

Green Cost Share

We help pay for property upgrades that improve the environment. Apply for funds.
Intersection of George Floyd Square at 38th St and Chicago Ave.

George Perry Floyd Square at 38th & Chicago

We honor the memory of George Perry Floyd as we work to redevelop the site of his murder.
Surgeons in scrubs working on patient

Public health approach to violence

We work to reduce violence through prevention, intervention, and healing.
parklet in minneapolis

Parklets and street cafés

You can enroll to host a parklet or open a street café in the City of Minneapolis.
Adopt-a-Block yard sign

Peoples Way

We're purchasing the Speedway gas station at 3744 Chicago Ave. The community will inform how we use and develop the space.
Street view of a building with colorful mural and signage

Cultural Districts

We're identifying areas of cultural richness that we can strengthen with extra support.
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Minneapolis census

You can learn about the City's efforts to get a complete count for the 2020 census.
People talking in a public meeting

3rd Precinct building location

We want your input on where we should rebuild the 3rd Precinct building.
Downtown Minneapolis buildings

Energy Benchmarking

Owners of large buildings can track their water and energy use. We explain how.
A mother and children crossing the street

Vision Zero

We can work together to prevent severe injuries and deaths from traffic crashes.
Building at intersection

DEED Grants

We help our community make blighted land useful again.
woman, child walk dog while picking up litter

Cultural district litter services

We're providing more litter clean up services in the City's cultural districts. There is no extra cost to businesses or residents for these services.