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An open laptop with a pen and paper on top of it.

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

We offer training in fields such as healthcare and technology. Other fields include manufacturing and construction.
Garbage, recycling and organics carts and yard waste bags outside a home.

Zero Waste

We are reducing what we throw away in landfills and waste facilities.
Wireless hotspot sign

Digital Inclusion

We support efforts to address the digital divide in Minneapolis.
A mother and children crossing the street

Vision Zero

We can work together to prevent severe injuries and deaths from traffic crashes.
Urban Scholars group in rotunda

Urban Scholars

This program lets students explore careers in the public sector.
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services document

U Visa and T Visa Program

The City provides U and T-Visa Certifications for crime victims who qualify.
two women sitting by laptop discussing business

Two Percent Loans

We offer low-cost loans to small retail, service and light manufacturing businesses.
A young woman rides a scooter while the light rail passes by.

Transportation Action Plan

Minneapolis is creating more travel options for more people by the year 2030.
Two colleagues, a transgender woman and a non-binary person, laughing in a meeting.

Transgender Equity

We work hard to end inequality based on gender and other social characteristics.

Tax Increment Financing

The City supports community improvement projects with public financing. Tax increment financing (TIF) is one tool we can use for these projects.

Target Market Program

Small businesses drive our economy, so we created a program to help them bid on City contracts.
A street corner in Minneapolis

Street or alley vacation

You can ask the City to give up rights to a public right of way and return control of the land to a private party.