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Person walking down street

Open Streets Minneapolis

This initiative changes city streets for a short time as a street fair where people have the opportunity to walk around and check out various events.
Person wearing a mask receiving a shot

Minneapolis School Based Clinics

Our healthcare services for high school students are confidential and open to all. There's no cost for students and their families.
Surgeons in scrubs working on patient

Public health approach to violence

We work to reduce violence through prevention, intervention, and healing.
Training room showing students at tables listening to instructor.

Blueprint Approved Institute

We train and fund people and small organizations working to prevent violence.
people in classroom attending violence prevention training

Community Champions

You can attend a violence prevention training. They are free and open to residents.
Close up of the word OUTREACH on the back of orange tshirt

Group Violence Intervention

We work to address gun violence and homicide associated with groups and gangs.
MinneapolUS is a street outreach team led by the Minneapolis Office of Violence Prevention


Our violence interrupters identify and calm conflicts that may lead to serious violence.
One person seated comforting and supporting another person seated across from them

Next Step

We partner with hospitals to support victims of violent injury.
students gathered in an art gallery

Violence Prevention Fund

We fund activities that help prevent violence.
people in classroom attending violence prevention training

Inspiring Youth

We mentor and support 10- to 17-year-olds facing risk factors for violence.
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Our biochar program reduces tree waste and improves soil health. It also removes carbon from the air.
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Minnehaha 3000

We’re planning a new use for the former 3rd precinct police building. This property is on the corner of Lake Street and Minnehaha Avenue.