Bicycle racks for businesses

Businesses and public places can have bike racks installed.

Bicycle Corral program

Businesses can apply for a group of bicycle racks. This is called a bicycle corral.

You can apply if there's

  • High bicycle demand
  • Limited space in the boulevard or sidewalk

The corral, installed next to the curb in the parking lane, is a low-cost way to provide bicycle parking. The bicycle corral occupies the same space as one parked car.

Bicycle Corral program common questions

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Bike Rack Cost Share program

Bike rack reimbursement for businesses

Through the Bike Rack Cost Share program, the City of Minneapolis can reimburse 50 percent of the cost of bike racks at eligible businesses.

Free bike racks for eligible public facilities 

The following facilities can request to receive racks at no cost:

  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Parks
  • Other eligible public facilities

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