Rideshare and taxis

Learn about your options to travel by rideshare or taxi in Minneapolis.

Update on Uber and Lyft service in Minneapolis 

Uber and Lyft have said they will stop service in Minneapolis on July 1, 2024, which is the new effective date of the rideshare ordinance passed by the City Council.


  • On March 7, The Minneapolis City Council passed an ordinance requiring higher pay for drivers.
  • Uber and Lyft said they will stop service when the ordinance goes into effect.
  • Mayor Frey vetoed the ordinance on March 8, and the City Council overrode the veto on March 14.
  • On April 11, the Council delayed the implementation date of the new ordinance to July 1.

Mayor calls for the Council to reconsider the ordinance

On April 8, Mayor Frey joined business leaders and disability advocates to again ask the Council to reconsider the ordinance.

Watch Mayor Frey’s press conference with business leaders and disability advocates

We will continue to provide updates.

Taxi cab services in Minneapolis

Taxi companies licensed to pick up people in Minneapolis:   

  • ABC  
  • All Somali Community of Worldwide Services  
  • Blue & White   
  • Express   
  • Rainbow  
  • Red & White 

Other transportation options

Metro transit

People boarding a Metro Transit bus on Nicollet Ave


Metro Transit provides rides by:

  • Buses
  • Light rail
  • Commuter trains

They also have resources for those who:

  • Carpool
  • Vanpool
  • Walk
  • Bike

Learn more about Metro Transit

Metro mobility 

Person in wheelchair in front of Light rail. Photo by Meet Minneapolis.


Rides with Metro Mobility

Metro Mobility offers shared rides for people who are unable to use regular fixed-route buses due to:

  • Disability
  • A health condition

Free rides for Metro Mobility riders

In 2024, Metro Mobility certified riders can board any Metro Transit regular route bus or train for free.

Learn more about Metro Mobility

Airport rides

MSP lightrail arriving at airport by Andrew Ciscel


Light rail train and bus routes

  • The Metro blue line travels to MSP Terminals 1 and 2.
  • Trains run 24 hours a day between Terminal 1 and 2. 
  • There is a bus route that travels to the airport.

Learn how to ride to the airport


Airport shuttles

There are taxis and shuttles that offer rides to and from the airport.

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Minneapolis 311


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