Bike lane markings

Both drivers and bike riders should understand bike lane markings in the city.

Understand bike lane markings

Bike lanes give bicyclists their own part of the road. Both drivers and bike riders should understand the types of bike lane markings. It's also important to know how you can interact with these markings and lanes.

Bike line markings

  • Solid lines 
  • Dashed lines

Bike lane types

  • Green bike lanes
  • Advisory bike lanes
  • Buffered bike lanes

Bike line markings

bike lanes
Solid lines: Driver's cannot cross unless to park or pull into driveway.
Dashed line: OK to cross for turning or to make room for an oncoming car.

Types of bike lanes

green bike lane
Green bike lanes: The color helps the bike lanes stick out to drivers. It shows bicyclists where they need to be. Look out for bikes before crossing.
Advisory bike lanes: These are dashed lines next to traffic. They're found on streets too narrow for driving, parking and for ordinary bike lanes.
Buffered lanes: Adds space for safety. Cars and bikes cannot ride on the buffered line. Drivers can cross the buffered lane and bike line to turn.

Crossing bike lanes laws

You can learn the driving rules for crossing into bike lanes.

Parking and driving

Find information to help you drive and park in the city. Learn about road closures, street sweeping, Snow Emergencies and more.

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