Commercial stormwater credits

You can reduce your stormwater utility fee by up to 100%.


Building on street corner showing stormwater runoff.

If you are a commercial property owner

  • You can reduce your monthly stormwater utility fee by up to 100% by earning:
    • Only quantity credits, or
    • A combination of quality and quantity credits
  • You earn quality credits by removing pollutants from stormwater that falls on your property.
  • You earn quantity credits by retaining rainwater on-site so that it does not flow into lakes, creek and the rivers.

You are eligible for quality stormwater credits if

  • You capture 100% of the impervious runoff from your property by implementing BMPs

See what BMPs you can implement to earn credit

You are eligible for quantity stormwater credits if

You can implement either a 10-year or 100-year storm design plan for retaining rainwater on-site

  • You must capture 100% of the impervious runoff from your property.
  • The storm is defined by NOAA Atlas 14, Volume 8, Version 2, Midwestern States, with the NRCS MN MS3 distribution.
  • All calculations are certified by a state-license professional engineer or landscape architect.

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Plan ahead for 2022

We'll be offering larger credits to residents and more options for businesses.

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