Sample utility bill

Your utility bill contains a lot of information. We want to help you understand it.

Your account information is at the top of the bill

Sample utility bill contact info

On the left, you can see the name on the account, service address, account number, date the bill was printed and status of the account.

On the right, you can see phone numbers for each area of service. There is also a water emergency phone number that you can call any time.

Next you'll see meter information

Sample utility billing meter info

From left to right, we show the meter number, the service period (billing period for your current charges), and the results from your previous and present (most recent) meter readings. These results determine your water charges. The three-letter codes give more detail:

  • ACT (actual) – The City read your meter that month. 
  • CUS (customer) – You provided the City with your own meter reading.
  • PRO (prorated) – Your service started after the start of the billing period.
  • EST (estimate) – The City was not able to read your meter, so we estimated your usage based on past service.

On the right, see how many units of water you've used and are being billed for. The number of units should be the difference between the results of your previous and present readings. One unit of water is 748 gallons. At the far right is a description of the kind of meter on your property.

Then you'll see your account activity and charges

Sample utility bill account activity

Account activity – Your previous balance and any payments made in the billing cycle. You may also see "adjustments for usage," which are usage adjustments made since your last bill. A forwarded balance is shown at the bottom.

Current charges – Your current water, sewer and trash fees and taxes. Usage quantities are shown in the middle column. The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) charges a water testing fee, and the stormwater fee is based on the size and use of the property. The solid waste base fee is based on the number of dwelling units. 

Total amount due – This is the amount you owe. If you have a credit balance, we'll apply it to your next bill.

Learn more about charges

The pay stub is at the bottom

Sample utility bill pay stub

The due date is in the upper left corner, along with the account number, address and amount due. If you pay by mail, remove the pay stub and enclose it with your check. We need this information to correctly apply your payment. 

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