How to sign up for organics recycling

Anyone with City collection service can sign up for the organics recycling program, including renters.


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Look for the label, then sign up

If your garbage carts are gray and labeled “Property of City of Minneapolis” you have City collection service. If you have City service, there are two ways you can sign up for organics recycling:

How collection starts

We'll deliver an organics recycling cart after you sign up. If your house has 1 or 2 units, you’ll get a 32-gallon organics cart. If there are more than 2 units, you’ll get a 64-gallon organics cart.

Your organics need to be placed in a compostable bag (paper grocery bag or compostable plastic) and fit inside the cart. Do not use any other type of container. 

After signing up you'll get a welcome kit in the mail that includes a starter set of compostable plastic bags, a Home Setup Tips guide and a refrigerator magnet.

New renters may request a welcome kit by contacting our office.

Request an extra cart

Your weekly organics should fit in your organics recycling cart. If they do not fit in your cart most weeks, call Solid Waste & Recycling to request a larger cart or get another cart.

If you have extra organics every once in a while, you can bring them to an organics drop-off site.

No extra cost

There's no extra cost to participate in the organics recycling program, but you do have to sign up for it.


Most residential buildings with four or fewer units have City service. Larger apartment buildings usually do not have City service.

If your building has a dumpster, you do not have City service. You have a private hauler, and their name should be on the dumpster. In this case, you have three options for organics recycling. 

  • Work with your landlord or management company to add organics recycling through your private hauler.
  • Talk with your landlord or management company about adding organics recycling through the City's Solid Waste & Recycling service. Contact your hauler first.
  • Sign up to bring your household organics to an organics drop-off site.

Hennepin County also offers resources for organics recycling in apartments.

Organics Recycling – My Reason

Hear why other Minneapolis residents compost their organics, then join them in organics recycling.

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