Bicycles on public transit

You can get around the City by both bike and transit.

Bicycles on buses and trains

All Twin Cities transit agencies have bike racks on buses and trains.They are free to use.

Types of bikes allowed

  • Riders can have two-wheeled, non-motorized bicycles only.
  • Racks generally accommodate bicycles with 20” to 29” diameter wheels.

Bikes on and near transit

Loading your bike on public transit

Bicycle parking near transit

Guaranteed Ride Home program

How to load your bike on public transit

Bikes on the bus

Loading bike onto a bus

  1. Wait until the bus comes to a full stop.
  2. Remove all loose items from your bike.
  3. Approach the bus from the curb - never from the street. 
  4. Wheel your bike from the curb and make eye contact with the driver.
  5. Pull the handle to release the bike rack.
  6. Lift your bike into the bike slot closest to the bus. 
  7. Pull out the support arm. Put it up and over your front tire.

Note: Make sure the support arm covers the rubber tire as high on the wheel as possible.

Unloading bike from a bus

  1. Go out the front door.
  2. Let the driver know you'll be unloading your bike.
  3. Pull the support arm off of your bike tire.
  4. Put the rack back into its original position (if there's no other bike on the rack)

Bikes on the train

Loading bike onto a train

Light rail trains have designated bike holders on each train.

  1. Allow passengers to get off the train before you enter.
  2. Roll your bike onboard and lift it onto the rack.

Unloading bike from the train

  1. Slightly lift and pull bike towards you and off of the rack.
  2. Be mindful of other passengers as you roll your bike off the train.

Note: Northstar trains have designated areas on the lower level of each car to secure your bike.

For more info or claim a bike left on the bus or train

Contact Metro Transit

Bicycle parking near transit

Bringing your bicycle on the bus or train is not always practical.

Find bike parking near transit

You can find bike lockers and secure bike parking options at most:

  • Train stations
  • Park and ride facilities
  • Transit centers

Bike lockers are available to rent on an annual (yearly) basis.

For more information:

Contact Metro Transit

Guaranteed Ride Home

The Guaranteed Ride Home program provides a free ride home in case of an emergency.

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