Minneapolis has many sidewalks, trails and other great places to walk. Find out how we help you get your steps in the city.

Learn more about walking in the City

Walking is a great way to get around Minneapolis.

Why and where to walk

Walking is free, good for your health and good for the environment. Our city features vibrant walking trails along the Mississippi River and our many lakes. Plus, over 92% of our streets have sidewalks on both sides, adding up to just under 1,800 miles of city sidewalk. Check out other popular walking destinations such as:

Our walking programs and committees

Parklet program

Parklets are seasonal public spaces that make the city more livable and walkable. These low-cost portable parks are often built on parking spaces or loading zones as an extension of the sidewalk. Parklets offer amenities like seating, plantings, bike parking and public art, creating restorative gathering spaces in denser areas of the city.

Learn about the parklet program

Public parklet in Minneapolis

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