Minneapolis has many sidewalks, trails and other great places to walk.
people walking at riverside near riverside plaza

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Walking safety and rules

Road safety is a shared responsibility between motorists and those who walk, ride and roll. Road users must follow traffic laws and safety principles.

Why to walk

Walking is free, good for your health and good for the environment. Our city features vibrant walking trails along the Mississippi River and our many lakes. Plus, over 92% of our streets have sidewalks on both sides, adding up to just under 1,800 miles of city sidewalk.

Related programs and initiatives

Pedestrian Advisory Committee

This committee is made up of 15 community members, staff from City departments and partner agencies. This committee advises the Mayor and City Council on pedestrian issues.

Sidewalk Inspections Office

The Sidewalk Inspections office is a team that inspects and repairs city sidewalks.