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Gap funds for housing dashboard

Gap funds for housing dashboard

The City offered financial help to people affected by COVID-19.
Inclusionary Zoning Tracker visualization thumbnail

Inclusionary zoning tracker dashboard

New market rate projects with 20 or more units must include affordable housing. These dashboards track this data.
Scooter compliance dashboard

2021 Scooter compliance dashboard

You can see where people have reported scooter issues and if the program is in compliance.
Air quality study dashboard

Air quality study dashboard

We studied air pollution levels in Minneapolis and the health risks of air pollution. Our dashboard reports the findings.
Health inspection lookup dashboard

Health inspection lookup dashboard

You can search health inspection reports for businesses using our interactive dashboard.
Arrests dashboard

Arrests dashboard

You can explore various arrest data from the Police Department. Search the dashboard by date, location or both.
Police arrests dashboard

Arrests statistics dashboard

We share information about arrests made by the Police Department.
Police crime data dashboard

Crime dashboard

You can explore data about the city's most common violent and property crimes.
Police Crime Stats Dashboard

Crime statistics dashboard

Our dashboard contains ongoing crime statistics for the city.
Officer involved shootings dashboard

Officer-involved shooting dashboard

We track officer-involved shootings in the city.
police stops dashboard

Stops dashboard

You can review data about stops made by the Police Department.
Use of force dashboard

Use of force dashboard

Our dashboard provides data about the use of force by Minneapolis police.