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APRA spending results dashboard thumbnail

ARPA spending survey results dashboard

You can see the responses from the public for how the City should spend the American Rescue Plan Act (APRA) money received.
Officer payouts dashboard screenshot

Officer payouts dashboard

View payments we've made as part of officer conduct claims and lawsuits.
2016 early voting dashboard

2016 Election dashboard

You can view voter data for the November 2016 general election.
Crime dashboard tile

Crime dashboard

You can explore Minneapolis crime data.
Mpls demographic changes

2000 - 2020 Minneapolis demographic changes by neighborhood

You can see how the population of Minneapolis neighborhoods have changed.
Legacy crime data dashboard

Legacy crime dashboard

You can explore historical data about the city's most common violent and property crimes.
Inclusionary Zoning Tracker visualization thumbnail

Inclusionary zoning tracker dashboard

New market rate projects with 20 or more units must include affordable housing. You can view the dashboards that track this data.
2017 mayor election dashboard

2017 Mayor election results dashboard

You can see data for the 2017 Mayoral race on our ranked-choice vote dashboard. The people of Minneapolis elected Jacob Frey as Mayor.
2020 Ward 6 special election dashboard

2020 Ward 6 special election dashboard

Our dashboards shows data for the 2020 Ward 6 special election. The people of Minneapolis elected Jamal Osman as Council Member for Ward 6.
City workforce demographics dashboard

City workforce demographics dashboard

You can explore a high-level summary of the demographics for City of Minneapolis employees.
Scooter compliance dashboard

2021 Scooter compliance dashboard

You can see where people have reported scooter issues and if the program is in compliance.
MACC dashboard

Minneapolis Animal Care & Control dashboard

You an see how we create safe and healthy communities for people and animals.