Become a cadet

Our process for hiring cadets involves teaching, training and testing.
Step 1

Apply for a job

Police Cadet job applications are now being accepted. 

Position description

See the Police Cadet job posting and apply

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Step 2

Participate in an interview

We will invite some candidates who apply to come to a job interview.

We will make a conditional job offer to some of the candidates we interview.

You will need to pass our background check and pre-employment tests before we make a final job offer.

Learn about our pre-employment tests

Step 3

Complete background checks and pre-employment tests

If you accept a conditional job offer, you are required to complete:

  • A background check
  • Pre-employment tests

 If your background check and pre-employment test results meet our employment criteria, we will make a final job offer.

Read about the background check and pre-employment tests

Step 4

Earn a law enforcement certificate and POST license

After you are hired, our department will send you and all other cadets in your class to the same school to complete your degree.

    • We will pay the tuition.
    • You will be paid while you are going to school.
    • You will be in school for 23 to 24 weeks.

We will also make sure you:

    • Complete a state-mandated skills training program
    • Take the POST licensing exam

Upon successful completion of these tasks, you are promoted to recruit status and will go the Minneapolis Police Academy.

Learn about the POST licensing exam 

Step 5

Minneapolis Police Academy classroom and field training

You and your classmates will receive training at our police academy.

You will attend the academy

  • Monday through Friday
  • For 14- to 16-weeks
  • For a combination of classroom training and simulations

After completing the academy, we provide field training 

  • Six months
  • Working one-on-one with a training officer
  • Performing your assigned shifts

After completing the six months of field training, you are an official officer of the Minneapolis Police Department.

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