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Arrests dashboard

Arrests dashboard

You can explore various arrest data from the Police Department. Search the dashboard by date, location or both.
Police arrests dashboard

Arrests statistics dashboard

We share information about arrests made by the Police Department.
Police crime data dashboard

Crime dashboard

You can explore data about the city's most common violent and property crimes.
Police Crime Stats Dashboard

Crime statistics dashboard

Our dashboard contains ongoing crime statistics for the city.
Officer involved shootings dashboard

Officer-involved shooting dashboard

We track officer-involved shootings in the city.
police stops dashboard

Stops dashboard

You can review data about stops made by the Police Department.
Use of force dashboard

Use of force dashboard

Our dashboard provides data about the use of force by Minneapolis police.
Officer payouts dashboard screenshot

Officer payouts dashboard

View payments we've made as part of officer conduct claims and lawsuits.
Office of police conduct review data portal

Office of Police Conduct Review data dashboard

You can use this dashboard to track police misconduct claims and cases.
Gunshot wound dashboard

Gunshot wound dashboard

You can review Minneapolis gunshot wound data on this dashboard.
Officer complaint history dashboard

Officer complaint history dashboard

You can search and review police officer complaints.
Public 311 cases by ward dashboard

Public 311 cases dashboard

We track the city's public 311 cases. You can search the data by year, neighborhood and topic.