Organics recycling rules

We explain what happens if you do not follow organics recycling rules.

We'll tag your cart

green tag on organics recycling cart

First and second times – Our crews use a green educational tag to inform you about a problem with your organics recycling. We may also mail you a letter about the problem.

Contact us if you have questions about the tag or your letter.

Third time – If you get more than two educational tags, we may remove your organics recycling cart. This could happen if you put items in your cart that are not compostable or if you do not regularly set out organics for pickup.

How to get your cart back

Cart returned at no cost  Wait three months, then contact us and ask for your cart back.

Cart returned for a fee  To have your cart returned before the waiting period ends, the utility bill payer must complete and submit the garbage and recycling service change form.

We'll add the fee for having your cart returned to the utility bill for your property.

Reasons we might tag your organics

Issues with items in the cart:

  • There were plastic-lined paper items or other non-compostable items in the cart.
  • The bag was not compostable (paper or BPI certified plastic) or there was no bag at all.
  • There was pet waste in the cart. Compost sites cannot accept pet waste without permission from the state.
  • There was yard waste in the cart. Yard waste is collected separately. See more about yard waste.

Issues with the cart:

  • It was not out at your designated collection point (the alley or curb line) by 6 a.m. on your pickup day.
    • The City decides your collection day and pickup location, and it cannot be changed.
  • It was stuck in snow or ice.
  • It was not in the pickup area next to the garbage cart.
  • It weighed over 200 pounds.

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