311 text messaging services

With the Minneapolis 311 text messaging service, you can receive information about most City of Minneapolis services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Texting 311

Just text two or three keywords to 311TXT or 311898 to receive an answer from the Minneapolis 311 information database on your mobile phone. If the requested information is not in the information database you will receive a text asking you to call a 311 Customer Service Agent or download the 311 mobile app.

Use the 311 text messaging service to access non-emergency information. The City does not charge for this service, but your provider's text message and data rates may apply. 

How to text

  1. Enter 311TXT or 311898 to start your text.
  2. Enter two or three keywords. Use the search tips above for best results.
  3. You will receive a response within a few seconds.
  4. You will either receive a link (response #1) or a message on how to obtain your requested information or report an issue. (response #2).

Response 1

If your response includes a link, click the link to view your requested information.

Mobile device showing text message containing recycling links
Mobile device showing text message containing instructions for reporting a pothole

Searching tips

When texting the information database use two or three keywords to get better results.

  • Text “garbage service”, rather than “when will my garbage be picked up”
  • Text “lost cat” rather than “how do I report my cat missing.”

Frequently asked questions

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