Pre-employment tests

You must meet our health and fitness standards.

Background check

We conduct background checks on all job candidates. If we find any violation of the POST standards, we will not hire you.

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Vision, hearing, and fitness

To work in a police job, you must have:

Good vision

  • No worse than 20/100 without correction in your poorer eye, correctable to 20/40 in both eyes
  • Able to distinguish the colors red, yellow and green

Good hearing

  • No worse than a 40-decibel loss on the average at 500, 1,000 and 3,000 hertz frequencies in the better ear

The physical ability to:

  • Run and chase suspects
  • Wrestle and subdue suspects
  • Jump and crawl over and under objects
  • Lift and drag heavy objects
  • Reach and maintain our department's fitness standards

Medical, psychological and drug screening


If you receive a conditional job offer, we will ask you to take these exams.

Medical exam

  • The exam will test your vision, hearing and physical ability to do the job.

Psychological exam

  • The exam includes 
    • A written personality assessment
    • An interview with a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist

Drug and alcohol screening

  • You will need to pass a drug and alcohol screening.
If the results meet our hiring criteria, we will make a final job offer.


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