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Sign up for news and emergency alerts for the City of Minneapolis.

Smart911 is replacing the City’s alert system

Swiftreach is the former alert system, which is at its end of life. If you were subscribed to Swiftreach, you'll get alerts in the new system. We encourage you to create a Smart911 profile for more precise alerts.

Emergency alerts

Get emergency alerts

The City uses Smart911 to send important information to residents during an emergency.

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Where you can get alerts

You can choose to receive Smart911 alerts by:

  • Text messages
  • Emails
  • Phone calls
  • Push notifications in the Smart911 mobile app
  • Wireless emergency alerts*

*Wireless emergency alerts come through the nationwide Integrated Public Alert and Warning System.

Alert topics

The City of Minneapolis will use Smart911 to send alerts on many topics, including:

  • Snow emergencies
  • Severe weather
  • Public safety incidents
  • Major infrastructure issues
  • Major special event impacts

Get the mobile app

You can download the Smart911 mobile app to your phone.

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When you sign up

  • We keep your contact information private. We never share your contact information.
  • We can tailor the information you receive based on your Smart911 details:
    • If you share your address, we could send you alerts affecting your address.
    • If you share mobility or health information, we could send you specific information related to your need.
  • Message frequency varies. Message and data rates may apply. Text STOP to 77295 to cancel messages. For additional support, text INFO or HELP to 77295 at any time. View terms and conditions

Informational updates

Get email or text updates

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Information update topics

The City uses GovDelivery to send email and text messages on many topics, including:

  • Crime alerts
  • City Council updates
  • Construction project updates
  • More

When you sign up

  • We keep your contact information private. We never share your contact information.
  • We only send you information on the topics you select.

Update your subscriptions

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