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You can look up public record information about properties in Minneapolis.


Use our tool to find information about a property's:

  • Taxpayer / owner
  • Building and zoning
  • Sales history
  • Energy use
  • Licenses and license history
  • Inspection history
  • Taxation and assessed value

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  • See your address and parcel number.
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Search results include

  • The property owner's name
  • The taxpayer's name
  • The neighborhood, police precinct and ward
  • Links to the garbage and recycling schedule and Hennepin County property tax information

Click on a tab to get

  • Valuation history
  • Lot info
  • Classifications
  • Rental info
  • Lead paint status
  • Energy Star status
  • Parcel flags


All information provided by this system is considered part of the public record in accordance with applicable Minnesota Data Practices laws.

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