Transportation & Public Works

The Mayor is committed to advancing safe, inclusive, and efficient ways for people to get around Minneapolis.

Public transit and climate

The Mayor is committed to advancing safe, inclusive, and efficient ways to get around Minneapolis.

Mayor Frey secured critical support from the American Cities Climate Challenge. With that support and in partnership with the Public Works Department, the City has established three bus-only lanes on some of the city’s busiest corridors – a major step forward to curb climate change by reducing vehicle miles traveled while reducing congestion. The mayor also keeps a sharp focus on delivering good core services through the City’s Public Works Department.

Transportation equity

The Mayor believes that building a more inclusive economy means engaging communities that have traditionally not been at the table. It also means being strategic about how we target our investments and create opportunities. Transit is the great equalizer. Access to transit can quite literally be the key to accessing a better life for yourself and for your family. In Minneapolis we also see transit as a key to reversing trends in racial disparities, undoing institutional racism, and making sure that a person’s ZIP code matters less than a person’s work ethic.

And failing to invest in transportation means we are failing Minneapolis families. Transportation is one of the top two household costs, typically accounting for approximately 16% of household income in Minneapolis.

Moreover, the market is telling us that demand is in public transit: Automobile sales to Americans under the age of 30 dropped by 30 percent in just the five-year span from 2007 to 2012. 30 percent in five years.

He’s worked with partners from other jurisdictions like the Met Council and Hennepin County to increase multi-modal transportation options through new initiatives like mobility hubs and expand access through reliable modes like additional bus lines. A cyclist himself, Mayor Frey has also made bike safety a key part of his approach to transit.

Vision Zero Action Plan

Minneapolis has joined the national Vision Zero movement to eliminate deaths and life-altering injuries on our streets. It is unacceptable that people die in traffic crashes on our streets. Together, we can prevent severe injuries and deaths caused by traffic crashes.

To reach this ambitious goal, we've worked with people from across our community to develop a Minneapolis Vision Zero Action Plan. The Action Plan sets our path to achieve a safe transportation network for all people.

See the adopted Vision Zero Action Plan

The Vision Zero Action Plan is being coordinated with the Minneapolis Transportation Action Plan, which is a 10-year action plan to guide future planning, design, and implementation of transportation projects for all people in all the ways they move around. Both Action Plans provide implementation details for the vision set forth in the Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan, which also identified Vision Zero as a policy.

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