Parklets and street cafés

You can enroll to host a parklet or open a street café in the City of Minneapolis.


Parklets are seasonal public spaces that make the city more livable and walkable. We design these low-cost portable parks for people to relax and enjoy the city. Public spaces where people can gather and interact, such as parklets, are an asset to our community. Parklets are accessible and open to all.

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Parklets offer amenities such as

  • Seating
  • Plantings
  • Bike parking
  • Public art

They also create gathering spaces in denser areas of the city and public streets. Advertising and other commercial activities are not permitted in parklets.

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Where we build parklets

Parklets are next to the curb. They're often in parking spaces or loading zones. They act as an extension of the sidewalk.

Parklet program

Who owns the parklets

Some parklets are funded and maintained by

  • Neighboring businesses
  • Residents
  • Community organizations 

The City of Minneapolis owns others.

City-owned parklets

The City of Minneapolis owns three parklets that are hosted by various businesses or organizations each year. City-owned parklets are hosted at the following locations for the 2022 season:

Past locations

In 2021, city owned parklets were hosted at the following locations:

Street café pilot program

A street café is a seasonal expansion of the existing sidewalk. It's used for extra restaurant or business seating.

How street cafés work in the City

Street cafés:

  • Operate as an extension of a business
  • Are located in the space next to the curb (often a parking or loading zone)
  • Can be reserved for customer use only

You must obtain a license to open a street café.


How to apply

Contact us

Lex Brand

Public Works


Public Service Building
505 Fourth Ave. S., Room 220
Minneapolis, MN 55415

Craig Eliason

Street Cafe Program Manager
Community Planning & Economic Development



Public Service Building
505 Fourth Ave. S., Room 220
Minneapolis, MN 55415