Green Cost Share

We help pay for property upgrades that improve the environment. Apply for funds.

Apply for Green Cost Share funding. Our next application review date is April 3.

Review dates later in the year are June 1 and August 1.
Solar panels installed on a parking ramp in Minneapolis



We offer matching funds to Minneapolis property owners who make property updates that lead to greater energy efficiency and pollution reduction. 

We offer support for projects in:

I want to


person installing solar panel


How to apply

Submit an application.

Our committee reviews applications on:

  • February 1
  • April 3
  • June 1
  • August 1

How property owners benefit

  • More energy-efficient buildings
  • Lower energy costs year after year

How the community benefits

  • Healthier and more comfortable buildings for people who live or work in or near your property
  • Fewer carbon emissions into our environment
  • More appealing businesses and neighborhoods lead to economic growth

How our City initiatives benefit

  • At least 40% of our funds go to environmental justice projects. 
  • The projects we fund help advance our Climate Action Plan.

Contact us

Green Cost Share

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