Energy efficiency

You can apply for up to $75,000 in funds to reduce your building's energy use.


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We help fund new energy-saving technology projects.

Do not apply for funding for projects you've started or finished.

Apply for funding for a new project

Eligible properties

Your property must:

  • Be Located in the City of Minneapolis
  • Fall into one of the following categories
    • Business/Commercial
    • Industrial
    • Multifamily (3 units or more)
    • Nonprofit

Eligible projects

Your project must:

  • Qualify for an Xcel or CenterPoint utility rebate, or
  • Electrify a piece of gas equipment

Other criteria:

  • Grants, matches and rebates cannot exceed your total project cost.
  • If you request more than $5,000 for LED lighting, your project must include a non-lighting component, sensors or controls.


Your city match is based on:

  • The total cost of the project, and
  • The incentive category for which your project qualifies
Category Maximum match
Base 20% up to $20,000
Environmental Justice 30% up to $30,000
Income-qualified Housing 40% up to $40,000
Energy benchmarked building 25% up to $75,000


Incentive category criteria

Base category

Any eligible property

Environmental Justice category

Property must be located in a Minneapolis:

  • Green Zone, or
  • Great Street Eligible Priority Area, or

Income-qualified Housing category

  • Income-qualified housing or utility bill support program, such as:
    • Minneapolis 4d Affordable Housing Incentive Program
    • Low Income Rental Classification (LIRC)
    • Income Qualified Solar*Rewards
    • Minnesota Energy Assistance Program
    • Weatherization Assistance Program

Energy benchmarked Building

Commercial and multifamily residential buildings greater than 50,000 square feet under the city’s Energy Benchmarking ordinance.

Go to our Legislative Information Management System (LIMS) to read the ordinance

Equipment guidelines

Equipment must meet the recommended minimum efficiency guidelines, unless otherwise recommended by a utility energy audit partner.


Recommended minimum energy efficiency guidelines


  • AFUE - Annual fuel utilization efficiency
  • ECM - Electronically commutated motor
  • EER - Energy efficiency ratio
  • EF - Energy factor
  • HSFP - Heating seasonal performance factor
  • IEER - Integrated energy efficiency ratio
  • SEER -  Seasonal energy efficiency rating
  • UEF - Uniform energy factor
Boiler 91% AFUE
Furnace 96% AFUE or higher
ECM motor
Gas water heater tank < 75,000 BTU .68 UEF
Gas water heater tank > 75,000 BTU 88% efficient
Gas water heater tankless .87 UEF
Heat pump water heater 3.5 EF
Attic/roof insulation - pitch roof R-49 and air sealing
Attic/roof insulation - flat roof Evaluated case by case
Wall insulation Minimum of R-11
Attic joist insulation Minimum of R-10
Ventilation - bathroom exhaust Multispeed with ECM motor

Air source heat pumps


Central: 16 SEER (10.5 EER), HSFP 9.5 
Non-ducted: 16 SEER (9.0 EER), HSFP 10.6

Air source heat pumps


Central: 15.2 SEER2 (10 EER2), HSFP2 8.1

Non-ducted: 16 SEER2 (9.0 EER2), HSFP2 9.5

Rooftop Unit

<5.4 Tons: 15 SEER or greater

>5.4 Tons: 12 EER and 13 IEER or greater

How to get started





The first thing you should do is schedule an energy audit. Contact one of these organizations for help.

We recommend scheduling the audit at least one month before the application is due.

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