Rules and processes

We explain how to work with the City to accept and use Green Cost Share funds.

When you're awarded funding

To accept funding

  • Reply to your acceptance email.
  • Confirm your plan to move forward with the project.
  • Complete the next steps outlined in the email.
  • Complete the steps above within 90 days or risk losing funding.
If you're awarded 4d energy efficiency funding
  • You need to prove your equipment meets energy efficiency guidelines.
  • We'll ask you to provide all final equipment bids as proof.
  • If your equipment does not meet the guidelines, your funding may be denied. 
If you're awarded pollution reduction funding

The amount of our match is based on the recommendations made by the Green Cost Share review committee. They consider:

  • Your business size
  • Project cost
  • Project location
  • Amount of potential pollution reduction
  • How innovative your project is
If this is your first time doing business with the City




After you complete your project

Projects must be completed by the end of the year, unless otherwise specified in your Green Cost Share agreement.

Email the following to your staff contact.

  • Before and after photographs highlighting the project(s)

  • Proof of final inspection by the City of Minneapolis for any work requiring a City permit

  • Final paid invoices from contractor(s) showing total project cost

  • You can invoice for reimbursement separately for each component of the larger project
  • Any other proof of work documents required by your contract.

Email your invoice for reimbursement to

If you have a solar project

We may take drone picture of the completed solar installation as a part of our project verification.

Contracting with the City

  • Any agreements resulting from this application are limited to a maximum based on the highest eligible city match for each category.

  • Any agreement over $5,000 must have an attached certificate of insurance showing proof of:

    • General liability insurance

    • Workers compensation insurance (if applicable) 

  • If the total amount of funding for your organization surpasses $100,000 in a year, you must submit an affirmative action plan to the City.

  • No one organization can receive more than $175,000 annually through the Green Cost Share unless through a formal Request for Proposal process.

Other rules and procedures

Green Cost Share funds

  • Are allocated based on whats approved in the Green Cost Share application.
  • Can only be used to compensate for the materials and labor for the improvements approved in the application.
  • For solar, these funds can only be used to compensate for the first year's annual kWh production of the system.

If your final invoice is higher than the bid, our program administrator needs to approve additional funds before we can pay you.

Code requirements

  • All work must meet City, state, regional, and national zoning, building, and fire codes.

The applicant is responsible for

  • Arranging all upfront project financing.
  • Making sure proposed work is completed satisfactorily before paying the contractor(s).
  • Submitting updated documents to us if the scope of work changes.

Reassigning your incentives

  • You can reassign your incentive to a contractor.
  • You need to notify us in writing.
  • The contractor's invoice must reflect a discount equal to the amount of the incentive.

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