Sometimes repairs are required after an evaluation. We explain the reinspection process.

Who to contact

If the repair requires a building, plumbing or mechanical permit

  • Call the City inspector listed on your permit.

If the repair requires an electrical permit

  • Call the state inspector listed on the permit or call 651-284-5064.

Some work requires a safety check

  • If you need a safety check, call a licensed contractor for that type of work.
  • To verify that the system is working correctly and safely:
    • A contractor may need to do additional work.
    • The work may require additional permits.

Read about safety checks and forms

If the repairs do not require a permit

  • Call your licensed Minneapolis Truth in Sale of Housing (TISH) evaluator.
  • We recommend working with the evaluator who did the original TISH evaluation. You may call any evaluator licensed with Minneapolis.

See a list of licensed evaluators

Additional costs

Permits fees

We set permit fees based on the value of the work being done. Depending on the work, you may need more than one permit.

Read about permits

Inspection fees

  • The City does not charge an additional fee to reinspect completed permit work. We may charge for missed appointments or repeated inspections.
  • Licensed evaluators will charge to reinspect any work that did not require a permit or a safety check. Evaluators set their own reinspection fees.
  • Licensed contractors will charge for a safety check.


The buyer has 90 days from the date of closing to complete the required repairs and get them reinspected.

To request an extension, complete the extension request application.

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