Truth in Sale of Housing evaluations

Before you sell your house, you need to schedule a Truth in Sale of Housing (TISH) evaluation. Learn about the steps in the evaluation process.


Step 1

Seller hires a licensed evaluator

You must hire an evaluator licensed by the City of Minneapolis for your TISH evaluation.

Keep in mind:

  • Evaluators are not City employees.
  • Evaluators set their own prices. You may want to compare costs before choosing one.

See our list of licensed evaluators


Many repairs are simple and inexpensive. 

Check our list of commonly required repairs

Before the evaluation, you may want to:

  • Look at the list of commonly required repairs.
  • Fix anything you can.

This way, the repairs will not show up on your report.

Step 2

Evaluator looks at property

The evaluator:

  • Does an evaluation of the property to be sold.
  • Looks at the condition of the building, inside and outside.
  • Writes a disclosure report. 

See items included in the evaluation

Step 3

Evaluator files disclosure report

The evaluation report:

  • Lists items that require repair, if any.
  • Is filed online so the seller and City can see it.
  • Includes a checklist of any required repairs.
  • Is valid for two years, or one sale.

Buyers must complete all repairs before getting a new report to resell.

Display the evaluation

The seller must display a copy of the evaluation so potential buyers can see it at showings.

A pre-inspection report does not take the place of a disclosure report.

Step 4

Required repairs

If there are no required repairs, the City will issue a Certificate of Approval (COA) online.

If there are repairs and the seller completes the repairs, the City will issue a COA online. 

To view a COA:

If required repairs are not completed before closing, the buyer must:

  • Sign an acknowledgment of responsibility.
  • Submit the form to the City within one day of closing.
  • Complete the required repairs within 90 days of the closing.
Step 5

Buyer completes any needed repairs

If there are required repairs not completed before the closing:

  • The buyer signs the acknowledgement of responsibility.
  • The buyer must complete repairs within 90 days of closing.
Step 6



After the required repairs are complete:

  • Depending on the type of repair, either an evaluator or a City inspector must reinspect the property. See who to contact for reinspection.
  • After a successful reinspection, the City issues a Certificate of Completion online.

To view a Certificate of Completion:


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