Violence Prevention Fund

We fund activities that help prevent violence.

A community-driven, citywide approach to violence prevention

For a successful citywide violence prevention approach, we must include strategies rooted in the experience and wisdom of the community. To do that, we set up a Violence Prevention Fund in 2019. We use the Violence Prevention Fund to invest in grassroots strategies that come from the community.  

We fund many types of programs, including things like:

  • Increased street lighting, vacant lot cleanup, and neighborhood beautification
  • Community outreach and community building
  • Education, employment, certification, and trade opportunities
  • Leadership development
  • Public art and murals
  • Recreation activities and increased access to recreational spaces
  • Restorative justice
  • Trauma awareness and resilience work
  • Violence prevention events
  • Youth mentoring and skills training

Go to our Legislative Information Management System (LIMS) to see a list of who we funded in 2021

Application process

We issue Requests for Proposals (RFPs) so we can learn about your ideas for grassroots violence prevention programs that: 

  • Serve Minneapolis residents
  • Promote violence prevention, safety, resilience, connectedness, and healing


The next RFP will be issued in the fall of 2022.

Eligibility and funding categories

Through the Violence Prevention Fund, we issue contracts for projects in many categories. We base the categories on:

  • Project size
  • Type of applicant

We fund many types of applicants, including:

  • Businesses
  • Cultural, faith, neighborhood and nonprofit organizations
  • Individuals

See the RFP for specific eligibility. 

Program impact

Highlights from our 2021 projects

10,000 People viewed the anti-violence PSA created through a project we funded
 9,820 People participated in projects we funded
    818 People, on average, participated in each project funded
    200 People responded to surveys about community safety planning, thanks to a youth-led neighborhood engagement team
    180 Violence prevention events or activities took place in our community
     60 Youth participated in a six-week reading and cultural literacy program training
     60 Families participated in co-parenting skills training
     26 Young people received stipends and skills training; over half secured employment


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