Work Group process

Members met as a full group, in subgroups, and held a community forum.

Summary of meetings

Between January and May, 2022, there were five full group meetings, five sub-group meetings. The two subgroups focused on:

  • Police and public safety reform
  • Community safety and violence prevention and intervention

We also held an in-person community engagement forum on May 11.


Guiding questions

As directed by the mayor, we explored these questions.

    • What mechanisms or systems should be put in place to inform the community on the progress of the work group?
    • How frequently should information be sent to community?
    • At what points, if any, should the group solicit community feedback?
    • How should the group process and handle work group-driven or community-driven ideas that are not advanced?

Focus of recommendations

As directed by the mayor, we developed recommendations that:

    • Enhance existing public safety programming
    • Increase community trust and accountability
    • Offer an equivalent or better impact on public safety compared to current police effectiveness
    • Center on the people and communities most impacted

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