Ward 4 - Phillipe Cunningham

Council Member Phillipe Cunningham represents Ward 4, which is located in the northern most part of the city.
Council Member Phillipe Cunningham answers questions at a Folwell community meeting.

Ward 4 principles


Diligently working alongside Northsiders to build lasting peace and prosperity in Ward 4. 




A clean, healthy, and prosperous Ward 4 village where Northsiders can put down their roots, be safe and heard, and thrive.



Core Values

Community, Compassion, Reliability, Justice, Integrity, and Excellence.

Minneapolis Ward 4

Neighborhoods in Ward 4

  • Cleveland
  • Folwell
  • Jordan
  • Lind-Bohanon
  • McKinley
  • Shingle Creek
  • Victory
  • Webber-Camden
  • Camden Industrial Area
  • Humboldt Industrial Area

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Council Member Phillipe Cunningham

Ward 4




City Hall
350 S. Fifth St., Room 307
Minneapolis, MN 55415

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