Transforming community safety facilitation guide

Our guide will help you lead a successful discussion about transforming community safety.

Before you begin

Thank you for choosing to lead a Transforming Community Safety meeting. Please use the questions in our guide to have a successful discussion with your meeting participants.

During or after your meeting, please use our Smartsheet tool to share feedback from people who attended the meeting.

Access the Smartsheet to provide feedback

Tips for hosting a successful meeting

  • Limit meeting size
    Keep the meeting size to fewer than 20 people. That helps ensure everyone can participate fully. If you have a larger group, consider breaking it into smaller groups.  
  • Take notes
    Have someone other than the discussion facilitator take notes. If you have more than one group, take notes for each group.
  • Submit notes
    The note taker should submit notes to the City using our Smartsheet tool. If the note taker wants to take notes using a different tool, make sure they capture all the information from the tool. If the meeting splits into more than one group, you can submit a separate notes form for each group.
    Access the Smartsheet
  • Read through the City's Community Safety website
    Before leading a meeting, read about the City’s Community Safety initiative.
  • Recap meeting notes
    At the end of the meeting, consider reading the notes back to the group. That will help ensure the notes summarize the group’s input accurately 
  • Read well-being information
    The City shares information about mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing.
    Read well-being information


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