Behavioral Health Response Teams

The Behavioral Health Team responds to calls with kindness.

About behavioral health response teams

Who will respond

The City selected Canopy Mental Health & Consulting as the response team. Canopy started their business in January 2020. It is a majority Black-owned business. Canopy provides person-centered care to diverse communities in the Twin Cities.

We used a rigorous process to define the services needed. We sought community-based providers best suited to provide those services.

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How teams will interact with residents

Team members will:

  • Be empathetic
  • Treat people experiencing crises as human beings, not criminals
  • Receive extensive training on:
    • Behavioral health crisis interventions
    • De-escalation tactics
    • Trauma
    • Race and gender identity

The team will provide:

  • Counseling and medical support for people in crisis
  • Connections to support services

When responding in person, the team will:

  • Be unarmed and dressed down
  • Have a van of supplies to address the immediate needs of the person in crisis

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Types of calls teams respond to

Mobile behavioral health crisis teams will respond to emotionally disturbed person (EDP) incidents.

As the pilot programs unfold, we will share other responses publicly as they develop.

Response to crisis calls before 2021


In the past, we depended on the following departments to respond to crisis calls:

  • Minneapolis Police Department
  • Minneapolis Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services

Starting in 2018

City leaders created a working group to explore alternative responses to 911 calls. Since 2018, the City Coordinator’s Office of Performance and Innovation (OPI) has led the City in this transition.

In 2020

  • The OPI began a community-centered review of alternatives to police response.
  • The City Council approved several recommendations.
    See Transforming Community Safety and Engagement Plan
  • Plan goals:
    • To provide the right resources to residents at the right time
    • To leverage existing City resources
    • To use community resources

In 2021

We seek existing community providers to partner with on this work:

  • We may test multiple options, including
    • Partnering licensed behavioral health providers with emergency medical services and emergency medical technicians
    • Partnering with violence prevention community navigators
  • We will use a competitive request for proposal (RFP) process to find and evaluate the best service providers.
  • We want to ensure an equitable process. To do this, we’re asking providers for advice on inclusive procurement practices.

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Response team selection timeline