Focus areas

We're focusing on three keys to improve community safety in our city.


With input from our community, the City of Minneapolis will create a new model for public safety through:

  • Alternative responses
    Developing non-police responses to emergency calls for service.
  • Violence prevention
    Breaking the cycle of violence before it begins.
  • Police policy reform
    Improving police interaction with the community and removing City barriers to progress.

Recommendations will focus on, but aren't limited to: 

  • Short-and-long term policy changes
  • Investments and partnerships that support a public health approach to community safety
  • Alternatives to policing strategies
  • Research and engagement to inform reimagining public safety

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Alternative responses to emergency calls

Hiawatha and Lake intersection in winter

Our goal is to create non-police alternative responses to emergency calls for service.

Led by the Office of Performance and Innovation, this work includes:

  • Engaging community about how to provide the right resources to residents at the right time
  • Testing new ideas for alternatives to police response
  • Analyzing data and making recommendations for long-term changes to alternative responses

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Violence prevention

Group of people helping with community safety

Violence Prevention focuses on the community and takes a public health approach to keep communities safe. Our goal is to create healthy and thriving communities that are free from violence.

We strive to help:

  • Prevent violence before it begins
  • Step in at the first sign of risk
  • Heal victims after an incident

Led by the Office of Violence Prevention, this work includes:

  • Strategic initiatives
  • Investment in community-driven strategies
  • Capacity building work to help organizations with the shared goal of a violence-free community

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Police policy reform

Minneapolis police car

Our goal is to improve community interactions when police do need to respond to calls for service. Led by the Mayor’s Office, this work includes:

  • Reaching out to national and local task forces of experts to assess current police standards
  • Developing policies and procedures to improve police interactions with the community

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