Police operational assessment

We are doing a study of the Minneapolis Police Department's operations.


In December 2019, the City Council directed staff to review some parts of the City’s public safety operations.

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These two tasks make up the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) Operational Assessment:

  • Study the staffing and efficiency of the MPD.
  • Review the codes Minneapolis 911 dispatchers assign to calls. These codes are called Problem Nature Codes (PNCs).

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Study details

Final report

The City received the final report from the MPD Operational Assessment in January 2022. It describes:

  • Staffing estimates for MPD’s Patrol Bureau based on workload
  • Staffing needs in MPD’s other bureaus
  • Observations and recommendations about MPD’s use of civilian staff, including alternative responders
  • The need for new policies, e.g., on how much of each shift officers spend responding to 911 calls and about the use of one- or two-officer patrol cars
  • A review of the City’s use of codes to describe and prioritize 911 calls for dispatch
  • Recommendations to streamline how the City receives and dispatches 911 calls

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The City Council’s Public Health and Safety Committee received a presentation about the report on February 2, 2022.
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Please note, this study was:

  • Not expected to give concrete answers about the number of officers MPD should have.
  • Not expected to show exactly what public safety functions MPD should or should not perform.

It will be one of many tools that policymakers have at their disposal in making those decisions.

Vendor details

Selected vendor

The CNA Corporation (CNA) is a non-partisan, not-for-profit corporation. CNA’s Institute for Public Research, Center for Justice Research and Innovation (JRI), will complete both parts of the MPD Operational Assessment.

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Scope of services

CNA will:

  • conduct a workload-based analysis of staffing needed to meet demand for service in all areas of MPD.
  • report on the use and prioritization of Problem Nature Codes (PNCs).

PNCs are the codes assigned to 911 calls at dispatch to show the type of incident that is happening.

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