Community Safety

The City wants to ensure the safety of all members of our community. Learn how you can engage in this work and make a difference in Minneapolis.

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About community safety

People walking through Open Streets Mpls 2019 in North Minneapolis.

The death of George Floyd led the City of Minneapolis to commit to change.

We seek to create a public safety system that keeps every member of the Minneapolis community safe. With input from our community, we're focusing on:

  • Alternatives to police response
  • Violence prevention
  • Police policy reform

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Our commitment

As we reimagine public safety through a new model, we have committed to a year-long process of:

  • Community engagement
  • Research
  • Structural change

What engagement means for Minneapolis

As we work to improve community safety in Minneapolis, three principles guide our community engagement plans.


We will create engagement opportunities that are varied and designed to meet people where they are.


As a community, we want you to feel that:

  • The dialogue you have with us is meaningful and relevant.
  • Your involvement informs actions.
  • We reflect your recommendations in a new system of public safety.


Our engagement opportunities will reach the full and rich diversity of our City. We will center the voices of historically marginalized or underserved people, including:

  • Black people
  • Indigenous people
  • People of color
  • Immigrants
  • Victims of harm

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