Lost pet recovery

We are happy to reunite pets with their owners.


When you come to the shelter to take your lost pet home, you will need to:

  • Prove that you are:
    • At least 18-years-old
    • The pet's owner
  • In some cases, you will need to pay fees and fines.

If the City finds your pet

If we find your pet and it is licensed 

  • We will deliver it to your home at no cost.
  • If you're not home or home delivery is not an option, we'll hold your pet at our shelter. We will charge you a daily kenneling fee.

If we find your pet and it is not licensed 

  • You will have to pay:
    • Impound fee
    • Kennel fee
    • License fee
    • Additional fines, in some cases

If you think you found a match at our shelter


Make an appointment to pick up your pet right away.

Call us

Bring proof that you are the owner. Here are some forms of proof that we will accept.

  • Photos of you and your pet
  • Adoption paperwork
  • Bill of sale
  • Veterinary records

Recovery costs

Review this list of possible fees and fines. Be prepared to pay them when you pick up your pet. 

Impound $55+

No charge if the pet is licensed and has not been impounded before.

Boarding $25 per day, plus tax This helps cover the cost kenneling and caring for your pet.
License $30 minimum No charge if the pet is licensed. See licensing costs.
Fines   Ask if you owe any fines.
By appointment on mousepad by laptop

Schedule an appointment

Use the appointment scheduler to book a time convenient for you to get services for your pet.

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No scheduled appointment times are needed for pet adoptions.
Other services: Use our appointment scheduler