Deadlines and fines

There's a $200 fine if you don't submit your data by June 1.

Submit data by June 1

You must submit energy benchmarking data every year.

  • You can submit the data as soon as you have it, but you must submit by June 1.
  • You always submit data for the previous year, for example, 2022 data is due by June 1, 2023.

Learn how to submit data

Request an extension or exemption

If you miss the June 1 deadline

You'll be fined $200 and be given two weeks to:

  • Submit the data or get an extension, and
  • Pay the fine

If you miss the deadline again

  • We'll fine you again. 
  • We'll repeat this process up to four times.
  • The amount of the fine doubles each time you miss the deadline.
  • We'll add any unpaid fines to your building's property taxes.

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