Adopt-a-Litter Container

By adopting a litter container, you can reduce litter on the streets where you live and work.


concrete litter contianer

In high-traffic pedestrian areas around Minneapolis, litter containers help keep our streets clean. You can be part of the effort to reduce litter in our city by adopting a litter container.

Program requirements

When you join this program, you agree to make sure that your adopted litter container is emptied on a regular basis.

You can choose to do this one of two ways:

  • Empty the litter container yourself and place the full bags next to your own garbage cart or waste dumpster.
  • Pay for the City to empty the litter container for you by adding a monthly fee to your utility bill (all costs are before taxes and fees):
    • The City will empty the litter container once a week for $12 a month.
    • The City will empty the litter container twice a week for $24 a month.
    • The City will empty the litter container three times a week for $36 a month.

By signing up for the Adopt-A-Litter Container program, you also agree to the following:

  • Adopt the container for at least two years.
  • Keep the surrounding areas clear of snow, ice, litter and other waste.
  • Always keep a plastic liner (plastic bag) in the container.
  • Remove graffiti from the container or contact the Clean City Coordinator to have the City remove the graffiti.
  • Report container damage to the Clean City Coordinator.

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