Alternative response timeline

View the City's alternative response historical timeline.

Historical timeline

Nov. 2021

Report findings to City Council

We will explain our plans for 2022.

April - Sept. 2021


We will see how the pilot programs go and what adjustments we need to make. This would allow us to make changes. The mental health teams will continue their work when this phase ends.

Jan. - April 2021


We will decide how to staff the pilot programs and which partners to involve.

Aug. 2021

Selected vendor

The City selected Canopy Mental Health & Consulting as the response team. 

June 2021

Held Learning lab and changed reporting

Learning lab

On June 17, 2021, the City held a community meeting about Group Violence Intervention (GVI). Speakers included: 

  • David Kennedy, Executive Director, National Network for Safe Communities
  • Ferome Brown, Lead Case Manager, Project Life
  • Sasha Cotton, Director, Minneapolis Office of Violence Prevention

View the recording and presentation

Changing how to report non-violent, non-emergency theft and property damage not in progress 

On June 14, 2021, non-police City employees at 311 started taking these reports. This differs from 911 dispatching Minneapolis police officers. 

Report theft or damaged property

Dec. 2020

Approved funding

Mayor and City Council approved funding for:

  • Pilot
  • Testing alternative response models for:
    • Mental health crisis calls
    • Report-only calls
Nov. 2020

Gave recommendations

Performance Management and Innovation gave:

  • Recommendations
  • Alternative response models that should move forward to on-the-ground pilot phase
Aug. 2020

Completed survey and model planning

Performance Management and Innovation:

  • Completed a community survey
  • Began community model planning for alternative response for:
    • Mental health calls
    • Report-only calls
Dec. 2019

Approved plans and gave funding

The Mayor and City Council:

  • Approved work group plans
  • Gave funding for models
Aug. 2019

Formed work group

We formed a work group to:

  • Analyze data
  • Decide which types of calls we could test for alternative response
Dec. 2018

City Council gave direction

The City Council asked the City Coordinator’s Office for advice. Their request was to identify areas where the City should explore non-police response.

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