Alternative response pilot programs

The City has four pilots programs to improve our response to the community.

Pilot 1


Use mobile behavioral health crisis response (BCR) teams

Non-police response teams will respond to an emergency behavioral health crisis.

The teams:

  • Will include behavioral health providers
  • May include medical professionals

Pilot 1 program goals

  • Provide an alternative to police for people having a behavioral health crisis
  • Assess needs and provide care and support
  • Avoid unneeded hospitalization or criminal charges

Pilot 2


Train 911 dispatch to assess behavioral health calls

Some 911 call takers, dispatchers and supervisors will receive behavioral health dispatch training. We will evaluate their experience before training all responders.

Pilot 2 program goals

  • Give 911 call takers tools needed to assess behavioral health calls
  • Dispatch calls to the best response team
  • Provide responders with high quality information on behavioral health and issues

Pilot 3

Embed behavioral health professionals in 911

 Two mental health professionals will work with call takers and dispatchers to:

  • Improve behavioral health triage
  • Divert calls from the police department
  • Identify the best response for behavioral health calls

Pilot 3 program goals

  • Divert 911 behavioral health calls from police response
  • Identify appropriate resources for the person in crisis
  • Provide improved triage on a broader scale

Pilot 4


Train non-police City staff to take theft and property damage reports and collect evidence

City employees will take theft and property damage reports from Minneapolis residents:

  • Employees will be non-sworn officers.
  • This responsibility could fall under an existing position or be part of a new position.

Pilot 4 program goals

  • Provide an in-person response option for theft and property damage reports
  • Free police department time

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