Youth essay contest

Learn how to take part in our essay contest celebrating diversity.

Contest details

Youth Essay Contest


6th to 8th graders in Minneapolis

Want to win some cash? Join the Minneapolis Commission on Civil Rights Essay Contest.

What's it about? Celebrating diversity. That means all the cool things that make people different from each other.

Here's the deal

Write an essay about a diverse hero from anywhere in the world. It could be someone famous from history or even someone you know from your neighborhood. 

There will be three winners:

  • First place gets $500
  • Second place gets $300
  • Third place gets $100

The Commission will also have a special event for all the participants!

Deadline is May 15, 2024.

Email your essay to us

About the essay

Here's what your essay should cover:

  1. Who's Your Hero?: Introduce your diverse hero and talk about what cool things they did. How did they make the world a better place? What challenges did they face?
  2. Why Diversity Matters: Explain why diversity is important to your hero's story. How did their background shape who they are? What can we learn from them?
  3. How You Feel: Share your thoughts. Do you relate to your hero's story? How does it change the way you see diversity?

Use good sources like books or interviews to back up your points. Make sure your essay is well-written and under 1,000 words. And don't forget to include your name, school, and contact email.

The judges will be looking for:

  • A good story
  • Well-written sentences
  • Your own creative touch

So, get writing! Dive into the world of diversity and tell us about your hero!

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