Gateway Video

Use the Gateway Video content type to add a video to a gateway page.

How to embed external videos

To add an external video, simply adding a URL from your browser might not work. If you're having issues getting your video to show up, go to the video on YouTube, click on "Share" and then "Embed". Then select and copy only the embed URL (it will be in a string of HTML between quotation marks).

What it will look like

Below is an example of several stacked Gateway videos. 

Request accessible format

If you need help with this information, please email 311, or call 311 or 612-673-3000.

Please tell us what format you need. It will help us if you say what assistive technology you use.

Example Gateway Video

Title of Video, e.g. Lub sij hawm muaj kev kuaj cov tsev “xauj” nws yuav zoo li cas (Hmoob)

Description of video

Title of Video, e.g. Maxaad filankartaa xilliga baaritaanka ruqsada kirada guryaha (Somaaliga)

Description of video

Include on gateway pages

On gateway pages, we want to help users by telling them a little about the document, map, form or video available on the page.


  1. Add a Content with Gray Background content type directly above the content type that contains the document, map or video.
  2. Choose one of three headings for the Content with Gray Background content type. Options depending on content:
    • How to use the map
    • Before you begin
    • What to do
    • What to know

How to use the map

Use only on map pages.

Before you begin

Use to give user helpful information, such as:

  • Details about the process (example: on bike registration page, informing user that multiple bikes have to be registered separately)
  • If they'll have to provide info beyond the basics (name, email, address, phone). This could be account numbers, driver's license number, etc. 
  • An alert about an especially long (or tricky in some other way) document

Use wording that makes sense. For example, don't follow with "Enter your driver's license number and license plate number" – which is not something the user does before beginning. Try "Be prepared to enter your driver's license...." or "You'll need to provide your ...."

What to do

Use to provide instructions or explain the action a user should take. Examples:

  • If a traffic light is broken, submit a report
  • If you witness a traffic accident, call 911
  • Download the application, fill it out and mail it to the address on the form

What to know

Use in place of the Before you begin header when you do not need to include much information about the document or other item on the page. Example:

  • You can download our brief fact sheet about winter storms and extreme cold.

When to use

You will use the Gateway Video content type on Gateway pages. This content type is especially useful for uploading multiple language versions of a video. 

Help us improve

Send feedback to the Digital Services Team.

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