Gateway document

You'll use a Gateway Document when you need to link to a downloadable file (e.g. a PDF, PowerPoint, etc.). Gateway Documents include a way for visitors to request an accessible version.

Before you begin

Placeholder content.  Replace with helpful information visitors should read before opening the document.

Note: On PDF and other document gateway pages, write the title of the document in title case (capitalize the first letter of each word, except for the, a, and, or, and other conntectors and articles). Below you'll see the title of the document is Example Document Title (English).

When to use

You should only ever use a Gateway: Document block on a Gateway Page for a document or collection of documents. You should use a document gateway page to list accessible options for files that can be difficult to use with assistive technologies.

  • PDFs
  • Excel documents
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Word documents

When to consider something else

Convert the document to a page

When you add a document with the Gateway: Document block, you should ask yourself whether it's possible to convert the document to a web page (or pages) instead. Web pages are friendlier for visitors, more accessible, searchable, and more visually consistent than downloadable files.

Groups of very different documents

When you have a group of very different documents (as opposed to different languages or previous versions of a document), create gateway pages for each document.

Best practices


  • Consider converting your document to a web page.
  • Use multiple Gateway: Document blocks on your page. Try to use at least two at a time.
  • If you have multiple languages for a document, add one Gateway: Document block for each language on the gateway page. Include the language in parentheses after the title of the document.
  • Group similar documents, such as various translations or similar files from different years.


  • Don't group different documents together. 
  • Don't use a document gateway page as a landing page for a collection of files.


Be sure to select the right accessibility option for your document when you use a Gateway: Document. If a document is not accessible, we need to give visitors the ability to request an accessible version.

How to make your files accessible.

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